CDA Slammers FC Manager Information


Refer to the CDA Slammers FC Managers Handbook as your first resort to getting questions answered.

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for in the Managers Handbook, please contact your Branch Director/Manager.

CerritosNicole 209-3595
Diamond BarMatt 826-7626
FullertonDavid 414-8068
Huntington BeachHeath 507-9206
OrangeMike 773-4867
WhittierChris 743-4217
Boys ECNL & ECNL-RLWalter 751-8188
Girls ECNL & ECNL-RLJoAnn 489-6505


Players can now register! Here is the registration link for the Fall 2022 / 23 Season.

Key Items for the online registration:

  • You will not be able to register from your smart phones. The registration link is not mobile friendly or compatible with smart phones, so please make sure to register from a regular desktop computer or laptop.
  • Parents will need to create a new account on our online registration tool for first time registration, a valid email address is required for this. Returning users will use email and password created last year. Select forgot password if you can’t remember your password.
  • Only parent or legal guardian can register for player. Managers should not register on behalf of player/ player parent.
  • Please make sure that you select the correct season when registering your player. We still have the current (21/22) season open for late registrations.  All your players will need to select the CDA FC  2022-23 Fall Season when registering.
  • Birth Certificate and Photo will be required for registration for new players only. This is mandatory for US CLUB Soccer, so please make sure to upload documents that are clear and legible or this could delay your registration.
  • The following documents will be signed during online registration. Parent will need to select “Print Now” each time after each form is signed and then select “Continue” to go to the next forms. Once completed with all four forms,  the system will email them a link to download the forms. They can keep for their records and share with the team manager. Copies are also attached for reference.

    • CDA Player Agreement
    • CDA Player COVID Waiver
    • California Health & Safety Sheets
    • US Club Soccer forms
  • Payment Method – Credit Card or Debit Card only.
  • Pay in Full or Pay in Installments. There are up to 4 options for a payment plan for early registrations, however once we get closer to the deadline (8/1), payment options become less. Initial payment of $200 is required to secure a spot on roster. Need to select Pay in Installments to get this option, otherwise you will be asked to Pay in Full.
  • Club registration needs to be paid in full by 8/1.
  • Player ID cards will not be printed for 2022 / 2023 season if player registration fee is not paid in full. New cards will not be available to print until Aug/Sept and will only be released to manager (or coach).
  • Player cards will now be issued and approved by US CLUB Soccer (not CAL SOUTH). Approval process for players can take from 5 – 10 days and up to 3 to 4 weeks or longer, depending on the time of the year. Players will need to be registered at least 3-4 weeks prior to league start (9/1). Players registered after 8/1 will not be guaranteed a player card by 9/1.  Once season has started, players can expect to get player cards approved at least one week AFTER they are registered.  Players will no longer be able to get a player cards immediately after registration due to this longer approval process by US Club Soccer.


Coaches and Assistant Coaches will need to complete the following required steps to be eligible to Coach during the season. Registration will open June 1.

  • BackGround Check
  • Safe Sport
  • Coaching License
  • Sudden Cardiac
  • Concussion Course
  • Disqualification Suspension Review


Team Managers will need to complete the following required steps to be eligible to Manage their team during the season. Registration will open June 1.

  • BackGround Check
  • Safe Sport
  • Sudden Cardiac
  • Concussion Course
  • Disqualification Suspension Review