Slammers FC Girls ECNL & ECNL RL

Girls Regional League Badge
Girls Regional League Badge

The ECNL was founded in 2009 as a challenge to the status quo of youth soccer, with a vision to be better. In its first years, the league supported only girls programming, but that was to change.

As a result of grassroots collaboration and innovation driven by youth soccer leaders all around the country, the ECNL quickly rose to national prominence – and ultimately to be the top level of competition and player development in the country. Each step was fueled by a shared commitment to elevating the youth soccer experience.

From inception, the ECNL consistently developed in alignment with the needs of its member clubs, always seeking opportunities to lead and provide more, no matter the challenge or adversity. The four letters “ECNL” have become the embodiment of collaborative innovation, opportunity, respect, development, and excellence in youth soccer, as the once-radical idea of clubs having a voice to determine their future proved to produce results never before seen in youth soccer. Unrivaled numbers of female players, of constantly improving quality, began moving on to the collegiate, professional, and national team levels as the ECNL impact changed youth soccer.

Slammers FC Girls ECNL & ECNL RL Teams

Girls ECNL 2008Pete Aguirreaguirre1089@gmail.com949-302-2188
Girls ECNL RL 2008Mike Silzer, Zach Bautistamikesilzer@aol.com562-416-1399
Girls ECNL 2007Walter Camargo, Craig, craigbull@att.net949-751-8188, 949-793-1445
Girls ECNL RL 2007Justin
Girls ECNL 2006Craig Bullcraigbull@att.net949-295-2834
Girls ECNL RL 2006Raul Avellanedacharrua2014@hotmail.com714-609-2371
Girls ECNL 2005Walid Khouryslammerscoach@earthlink.net714-552-1702‬
Girls ECNL RL 2005Ramon Reidmone25@msn.com714-552-0213
Girls ECNL 2004Walter Camargowaltercdasoccer@gmail.com949-751-8188
Girls ECNL RL 2004Cory Dilbeck, Josh,‭949-275-7583‬, ‭949-767-7970‬
Girls ECNL 2003/02Sean Melendezmelendezsoccer@gmail.com562-686-3972
Girls ECNL RL 2004Raul Avellaneda, Ramon, mone25@msn.com714-609-2371, 714-552-0213

Slammers FC Girls ECNL & ECNL RL Directors and Coaches

Walter Camargo2007 ECNL
2004 ECNL
Cory Dilbeck2004 ECNL‭949-275-7583‬
Josh Cummins2004 ECNL RLjoshuacummins@me.com949-767-7970‬
Craig Bull2008 ECNL RL
2007 ECNL
2006 ECNL
Justin Boatman2007 ECNL RLjustinandrewboatman1@gmail.com949-324-2262
Mike Silzer2008 ECNL RLmikesilzer@aol.com562-416-1399
Zach Bautista2008 ECNL RLzachbautista10@yahoo.com714-742-8576
Pete Aguirre2008 ECNLaguirre1089@gmail.com949-302-2188
Raul Avellaneda2006 ECNL RL
2003 ECNL RL
Ramon Reid2005 ECNL RL
2003 ECNL RL
Sean Melendez2003/02 ECNL Compositemelendezsoccer@gmail.com562-686-3972
Andy Winn2005 ECNLandywinn82@aol.com951-443-8001
Walid Khoury2005‭714-552-1702‬
Cheyne Gordon2003 342-4445‬
Walid KhourySlammers FC Girls ECNL‭714-552-1702‬