Coaching Philosophy

CDA Slammers FC offers the finest club soccer experience in Southern California. Our coaching philosophy is based on careful study and years of experience. Our guiding values are:


Dedication to the Craft.

Success in coaching happens by design. One can only build and maintain a championship environment through consistent, intentional effort. Our coaches are both trained and experienced, and are constantly improving their credentials and professional development. Regardless of which team you join across our Southern California reach, you will find coaches passionate about developing excellent soccer players and people.


Decision Making and Personal Responsibility.

Players are encouraged to make decisions according to their unique way of reading the game. Conforming players to a rigid process might minimize certain errors, but it would negate the opportunity for the spectacular. Creative flair makes this game special. CDA Slammers provides recommendations and guidance, and then insists players make decisions. Coaches analyze results and provide feedback so players can learn to make better and better choices. Coaches also teach players the proper way to accept both accolades and criticism.


Dedication & Self-Confidence.

Our coaching staff underscores the value of personal ownership over one’s development. Players own their successes and mistakes, and commit to improving their skills – both during practice and on their own time. The best players work hard in training and also make time to work individually. With greater skill comes greater consistency and performance, which leads to greater confidence. The net result of this commitment and effort is incredible mental strength.


Tactical Performance.

Each team’s head coach decides what system best fits the abilities and style of the players. Formations and tactics vary from team to team, and some teams may deploy different formations depending on the situation. Every player is taught to know their role on the field – attacking, defending, transitioning, etc. Training in areas like reading the game, movement without the ball, angled and bent runs, individual and team defensive principles, and offensive shape is crucial to proper development.


Technical Performance.

As a club, CDA Slammers FC is committed to earning and keeping a reputation for technical excellence in soccer. Individual technique will be emphasized in all environments, from training sessions to matches. Our coaching staff is equipped and trained to develop their players for the appropriate next phase of their technical development.


Team Chemistry.

Teams that care about each other are far more successful, and enjoyable, than teams that simply play with each other. Often, team chemistry is the “X-factor” that propels a team past their competition. Team chemistry is built through a number of factors, and our coaching staff is well versed in building and protecting team chemistry.