The Elite Clubs National League Boys (ECNL Boys) was founded to improve the daily environment for boys youth soccer players through a collaborative club-based development program featuring competition, player identification, and coaching and club development platforms. The ECNL Boys will include both regular season conference games and cross-conference events, and qualifying teams from the ECNL Boys will advance into the ECNL Boys Post-Season.

The ECNL Boys is based on the values of grassroots collaboration and innovation, and supports the independence and freedom of coaches and clubs to fully manage the development path for their players, including the system and style of play, the competitive calendar, and all aspects of the development path. The ECNL Boys will raise standards in training, competition, club organization, and coaching in a holistic development program.


Slammers FC Boys ECNL & ECNL RL Teams

B2011 ECNLMatt Doldmdold10@yahoo.com707-481-8956
B2011 ECNL RLMarcos Cansecocoachcanseco@icloud.com562-712-6022
B2011 ECNL RLChris Paniaguacdapaniagua@gmail.com714-743-4217
B2010 ECNLAlex Gimenezagimenez@hbuhsd.edu714-553-9624
B2010 ECNL RLMarcos Cansecocoachcanseco@icloud.com562-712-6022
B2009 ECNLGera Zaragozacdaelite19@gmail.com949-528-9972
B2009 ECNL RLMarcos Cansecocoachcanseco@icloud.com562-712-6022
B2009 ECNL RLMarc Ferraizmarc@smartpartneroc.com714-423-9227
B2008 ECNLGera Zaragozacdaelite19@gmail.com949-528-9972
B2008 ECNL RLMarcos Cansecocoachcanseco@icloud.com562-712-6022
B2008 ECNL RLChris Paniaguacdapaniagua@gmail.com714-743-4217
B2007 ECNLMatt Doldmdold10@yahoo.com707-481-8956
B2007 ECNL RLJesus Gutierrezjmg1788@lausd.net323-896-2110
B2007 ECNL RLCarlos De Los Santosjmongepyso@gmail.com562-652-7955
B2006 ECNLAlex Gimenezagimenez@hbuhsd.edu714-553-9624
B2006 ECNL RLMichael Vargasmvargashg1988@yahoo.com562-222-9739
B2006 ECNL RLDaniel Chavezdchav6z@gmail.com714-651-6692