• To track and identify exceptionally talented boys and girls within the CDA Slammers FC and Affiliate system.
  • To motivate identified players through specialized training and pathways to the US Soccer Development Academy, Elite Clubs National League and College Showcase teams— for boys and for girls.
  • To connect CDA Slammers FC and Affiliate players and staff with a common curriculum.
  • To encourage staff cooperation and sharing of knowledge.



  • Selected players within the age group will train at certain times throughout the year (on selected Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays) under the direction of a CDA Slammers FC & Affiliate Coaching Director and staff coaches.
  • Players will be invited to attend the Training Centers by a coach’s recommendation and through an official invitation by a CDA Slammers FC Executive Directors. Players cannot be sent to the Training Centers without an invitation.
  • The Player Identification Pool is not a set roster. Players can be selected and removed any time throughout the season based on player performance and commitment.
  • Players will not be forced to attend, but if selected should be strongly encouraged by all staff coaches and parents to participate in the program.



  • Technical & Dynamic Warmup
  • Small-Sided Games
  • Match Related Games (Functional)
  • Competitive Match 7v7, 9v9 & 11v11



  • Monitor player progress across different CDA Slammers FC teams.
  • Identify common strengths and weaknesses by age group.
  • Motivate players for high performance